Until recently, I was a loyal Apple customer, with two MacBooks and an iPhone 5. Using a large-format Samsung Android is leagues ahead of the iPhone experience, especially for video and photos. When I went back to my old iPhone I was struck by how bizarrely small it is.

Seven years after Steve Jobs unveiled the first Apple (AAPL) iPhone, top tech leaders are willing to discuss openly just how gravely they misjudged the device that ignited the mobile computing era. Back in January 2007, when Jobs first showed the new device, he pitched it as a combination phone, music player and Internet communicator. “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share,” Ballmer said of the lineup that has since sold more than 500 million devices. 

To help the night owls among us get some rest, we gathered the best practices from sleep science.  The experts call it “sleep hygiene.” Here’s a crash course. 1. Go-to exercises include hot baths and deep reads, which Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, and other high-achievers swear by. 2. Sleep to Live Institute director Robert Oexman tells Business Insider that you should keep your room cool (between 65° and 68°F) and dark.

Flowers opening timelapse from David de los Santos Gil on Vimeo.

Después de 9 meses y 50.000 fotografías (de las cuales solo han formado parte del vídeo final unas 5.000), mi primer timelapse de flores ha terminado de formarse. Tras un largo trabajo buscando flores que abriesen rápido, aquí esta la lista de flores que han formado parte del timelapse: Lillium, hibiscus, clavelinas, orquídeas, dientes de león, lirios, margaritas, alstroemerias, peonías y nigella de damasco.

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Early last month, two people died in Xinxiang City, China, after a woman dropped her cellphone into an open pit toilet. The woman’s husband rushed down into the toilet to retrieve it but quickly lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen, as reported by South China Morning Post. This type of reckless abandon in favor of one’s cellphone is unfortunately no rare happening.