The unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, is posing some new questions about law enforcement and the militarization of the police. Three teenagers from Georgia have decided to take the issue into their own hands. Caleb Christian, 14, and his two sisters — Ima, 16, and Asha, 15 — are about to roll out an app called “Five-O,” which will let users document police abuse and join together as a community to problem-solve.

Vimeo On Demand, A Viewer’s Best Friend - “Connecting VOD to Your TV” from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.

Streaming Vimeo On Demand purchases and rentals on your TV may seem like a mystery, but really, it’s super easy. Even your pets can do it!*

Here’s what you need:
- A compatible TV or connected device. See the full list:
- The Internet.
- A power source.
- A sense of adventure. (Optional, but it helps!)

*Only those with opposable thumbs.

Robin Williams hanged himself with a belt after his wife had gone to sleep Sunday night. Speaking from prepared notes, Marin Sheriff’s Lt. Keith Boyd said that Williams’s wife, Susan Schneider, went to bed at 10:30 p.m. on Sunday. Williams later retired in a different bedroom of their home in Tiburon, California, a small town in the San Francisco Bay area.

Marvel is killing it at the box office and other studios are trying their damnedest to break off a chunk of that sweet, sweet consumer pie. After trying stay out of the fray, Warner Bros. finally came out swinging with their DC franchises also outlined through 2020.  It’s as if consumers of comic book adaptations are the hottest new craze and these movie studios will do anything to get us.

People throw brightly colored powder at the Holi One festival at Wembley Park in London, Burmese worker carries two baskets loaded with gravel on his shoulders as he unloads a boat in Myanmar and couples celebrate during a mass wedding ceremony to mark the Qixi Festival in Shenyang. (AP/EPA/Getty/Reuters) Find more news related pictures on our photo galleries page and follow us on Tumblr.

Exercise may leave people feeling less anxious because they perceive their environments as less threatening, a new study suggests. In the study, researchers asked students to watch an animation of a figure that could be perceived as moving toward or away from the viewer, and found that the students who exercised viewed the figure as less threatening. This finding suggests that exercise could reduce anxiety by fostering the perception of a more positive environment, the researchers said.

Ariana Grande is the new princess of pop, topping the charts with her addictive single “Problem,” impressing critics with her thick, gliding vocal range and maintaining an image that her young Nickelodeon fans can vibe with, signature ponytail and all. Grande said she hasn’t had much time to “sit back and realize and just enjoy” her musical breakthrough, and what’s coming next may not allow any time for it. “What’s so attractive about Ariana is, No. 1 she’s an extraordinary talent, No. 2 she’s an exceptional actress, and the third part of it — which makes her a triple threat — is she has this wildly successful fan base on the Internet unlike anything we’ve seen in some time,” said Monte Lipman, the CEO and chairman of Republic Records who signed Grande when she was 17.

Nathaniel Kibby was arrested without incident at his Gorham home, about 28 miles north of where the girl lives, and was charged with felony kidnapping, authorities said. Police allege Kibby knowingly confined Abigail “Abby” Hernandez, then 14, on Oct. 9, sometime after she left Conway High School for her home. Abby returned home the night of July 20, but authorities have not explained the circumstances of her return.

Fireworks explode over high-rise buildings and Tokyo’s Sumida river during the Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Tokyo, a young Palestinian man stands in his bedroom which was hit by an Israeli tank shell in east Gaza City and Chad Le Clos is seen underwater as he swims in the men’s 200m Butterfly heats during the 2014 Commonwealth Games are some of the photos of the day. (AP/EPA/Reuters) Find more news related pictures on our photo galleries page and follow us on Tumblr.